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What is the Irrigation Political Action Committee?

IANJ founded IPAC to encourage participation and representation of the irrigation industry in the state political process.  Through IPAC, eligible employees, owners and corporations can pool their contributions to advance the interests of the irrigation industry in New Jersey and have a greater impact together on the political process.

How are IPAC’s funds used?

IPAC’s funds are used to advance the irrigation industry’s goals and objectives by supporting individual candidates in the New Jersey Senate, Assembly, and other statewide elected offices who promote policies beneficial to our profession.

How does IPAC obtain its funds?

Since IPAC relies on contributions, its efforts are limited only by the level of generosity and support offered by New Jersey’s irrigation industry.  Periodically irrigation firms and their owners and employees will be asked to voluntarily make contributions to IPAC.  Given the political environment of New Jersey, where so many groups and industries are competing to be heard by state officials, it is important that the irrigation industry be well represented by a strong and active political action committee.

Is participation voluntary?

Yes, contributions to IPAC are entirely voluntary.

Are IPAC contributions tax-deductible?

Contributions to IPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes and generally not deductible for state purposes.  You should consult your tax advisor regarding the laws that apply to you and/or your firm.

Is my contribution confidential?

Contributions to IPAC in excess of $300 are required to be reported to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. IPAC may publicize the fact that you and/or your firm contributed to the PAC and the approximate level of that support in order to encourage more support from others.