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Best Practices & Standards
Turf & Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices
Together with recognized irrigation experts, IA has developed best management practices for turf and landscape. These BMPs are designed to:

  • Raise the bar for efficient water management.
  • Preserve water supplies and protect water quality.
  • Help stakeholders formulate and implement sound water policies, including appropriate codes and standards for effective water stewardship.
  • Help water purveyors, industry professionals and irrigation consumers make responsible and informed decisions about water use.

Each BMP includes a corresponding practice guideline that provides a template to establish specifications that address local needs. Practice guidelines are based on proven scientific and engineering principles.

Click on a topic to learn more, or download the complete Turf & Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices.

  • Assure overall quality of the irrigation system.
  • Design the irrigation system for efficient and uniform water distribution.
  • Install the irrigation system to meet design criteria.
  • Maintain the irrigation system for optimum performance.
  • Manage the irrigation system to respond to changing water requirements.
Water Conservation Standards
Recommended Minimum Design Standards For Water Conservation Click here to view the PDF

Your Association Library

Your Association is pleased to offer to all members an Irrigation Study Packet which consists of two publications: Turf Irrigation Manual by Richard B. Choate. The cost is $60.00 and a binder of xeroxed study material from the NJ Licensing Board the cost is $60.00.
The Turf Irrigation Manual covers "everything" in the irrigation industry. It's an excellent reference and resource handbook. The "Irrigation Text" covers sprinkler system uses, sprinkler systems, soil-water-plant relations, plant and irrigation water requirements, irrigation water supply, sprinkler patterns, spacing and selection, hydraulics, pumping, plants, agricultural systems, turf systems, land application of wastes, environmental control, fertilizer and chemical applications, other applications, installation, operation and maintenance, economics, pipe, drip irrigation and metric conversion.
These books are the suggested study materials for taking the NJ Certification test.

Turf Irrigation Manual by James Watkins has been requested by many of our members. Its 352 pages cover in-depth subjects in easy to read and understand language. This authoritative text is used by many colleges and universities today and includes the following topics: equipment, piping, water supply, hydraulics, water hammer, cross-connection control, pumps, sprinkler and system distribution, measuring properties and drawing plot plans, layout methods, golf course systems and much more. The cost is $40.00.

Trouble Shooting Irrigation Control Systems is an "un" technical manual. It's assumed that the reader has no prior knowledge of electricity or hydraulics; only what must be known to service automatic irrigation control systems has been included. You will soon learn what causes electrons to rattle down all those wires, and, if not, why not. You'll learn to use meters intelligently to locate and identify a problem from 300' to 1,000' feet away. Topics covered include: electricity; conductors and current; voltage and power; resistance; responses to faults-opens, shorts and partial connections; understanding how meters work-ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter and multiple valve stations; troubleshooting electrical problems-electrical, mechanical, human and sequential; splicing techniques; grounding for lightning; troubleshooting mechanical problems-valve operations and malfunctions; hydraulic systems-supply line controller, valves and more troubleshooting. The cost is $20.00. This is a handbook for everyone!

Minimum Standards & Specifications for Permanent Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Turf & Landscaped Areas is a booklet published by your Association in an effort to educate the consumer. Many contractors use it as part of their sales presentation, which enlightens the customer on standard procedures and materials used in the irrigation industry. These blue booklets may be purchased in quantity lots.

Irrigation Systems Design Manual by Buckner is a well-rounded, all encompassing reference book that everyone should have. It covers soil, water, plant relationships, sprinkler application rates, hydraulic principles and applications, wire sizing techniques, pipe selection, pumping systems and design concepts, winterizing systems, residential/commercial/golf course design and additional technical data. The cost is $34.95.

Simplified Irrigation Design by Pete Melby is a sprinkler design book for every contractor. It covers: sprinkler head spacing and performance, locating heads, types of heads used, precipitation rates, pipe routing and sizing, basic hydraulics, calculating water supply and pressure, selecting valves, sizing wire to valves, water hammer, winterization, controllers, backflow protection, soil, water plant relationships, pipe loops, fittings, installation with graphics, cost estimating, pumps, making specifications, as-built drawings, athletic field design, and drip irrigation installation and design. The cost is $40.00.

The ABCs of Lawn Sprinkler Systems by A.C. Sarsfield is also an irrigation design book, however, it's very easy to understand. This complete text explains all the facts in logical step-by-step sequence. Equipment, construction, operation and application; materials, specifications and applications; system design, head placement, basic hydraulics, piping, installation procedures and techniques; operation and maintenance; almost 20 years of practical field experience is condensed. It's written in plain, simple language with hundreds of illustrations. Covers every detail from preliminary planning to completion and operation of any type of lawn irrigation system for residential or commercial property. Cost is $20.00 for special bound paperback.

Water Systems Handbook by the Water Systems Council is a complete paperback text on private water systems design, operation and maintenance; better known as the Pump Book. It's a very thorough and all encompassing book. It begins with well construction, sizing and selection of pumps, jets and submersible pumps, pump operation and installation, servicing, pressure tanks, electric motors, booster and keat pumps, metric standards and conversions and friction loss tables. The cost is $20.00

Rainbird Design Manual. The cost is $3.00

Buckner Design Manual. The cost is $10.00

National Standard Plumbing Codes. The cost is $45.00

Landscape Contractors Guide to Effective Irrigation. The cost is $35.00

In addition the I.A. offers a comprehensive videotape library for its members. Topics include wiring, flow dynamics and sprinkler layout. For further information, contact the I.A. office.
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